Progress of the measures

Implementation started


The main objective is to ensure a viable, economically profitable and ecologically and socially sustainable fishing industry in Åland. The fish stocks and ecosystems exploited by the fishing industry must be protected and managed to ensure that locally produced raw materials and food products of high quality will continue to be available in the future. This includes sufficient protection and management of shallow bays and other spawning and rearing grounds for fish.

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Operational Programme for Åland 2014–2020 will contribute to the achievement of this objective through the integration of the economic, ecological and social dimensions in the fisheries policy. In practice, the programme will be implemented through its various measures for which support can be granted to individual entrepreneurs, measures for the public good as well as research and development activities.

The key priority areas are small-scale coastal fishing, sustainable aquaculture, increased degree of processing and added value of fish products as well as fishing tourism. In all areas, the focus will be placed on increased cooperation, professional entrepreneurial mindset, increased competence, sustainable development and better consideration of environmental aspects. Both fishing and aquaculture must meet the requirements of sustainable development and sustainable use of resources.

If this is not achieved, the fishing industry will constitute a threat to itself through adverse, uncontrolled effects on fish stocks, water quality and the functioning of the ecosystem.


Objective of the measure:

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Operational Programme for Åland 2014–2020 is implemented taking into account the above-mentioned sustainability aspects.