Progress of the measures

Implementation started


Stormwater and meltwater may contain hazardous substances that can harm the aquatic environment and its organisms. There is a risk that harmful substances leak with stormwater and meltwater from urban and industrial areas.

Reducing hazardous substance loading contributes to a better and healthier aquatic environment. Defining guideline values for stormwater and meltwater will facilitate the work of the supervisory authority. Increased knowledge will help to achieve more efficient treatment and to target efforts towards those measures that can bring the most benefit.


Objective of the measure:

To define guideline values for stormwater and meltwater and to increase the purification degree of treatment plants where necessary. In addition, cooperation with Lotsbroverket is underway in Mariehamn to study how the effects on ecosystems outside the wastewater treatment plant can be reduced through better treatment methods.

PROGRESS: underway