Progress of the measures

Implementation started


The Baltic Sea is a sensitive sea with eutrophication problems caused by nutrients that come from the population’s wastewater, among other sources. Loading from settlements in Åland can be divided into wastewater treated by Lotsbroverket (the waterworks and wastewater treatment plant in Mariehamn), emissions from smaller municipal wastewater treatment plants with a lower purification degree, wastewater overflows and individual sewers, in which the purification degree is generally the lowest. Work continues to improve the purification degree at current treatment plants and to otherwise reduce emissions from individual sewers that do not meet the requirements set in legislation.

Objective of the measure:

A more extensive strategy will be drawn up to map networks and pumping stations as well as individual sewers on the one hand, and to correct any defects on the other. Water and wastewater plans, as well as guidelines for inspection, will be prepared. Aspects such as climate change and increased nutrient recycling must be taken into account. Overall, the measure is expected to reduce the number of wastewater overflows as well as other emissions caused by broken pipelines or defective individual sewers.

PROGRESS: underway