Progress of the measures

Implementation started


In the Baltic Sea area, littering is not as big a problem as in oceans, in which the amount of waste has increased considerably due to the degradation of plastics ending up in the sea and causing serious problems to birds and marine mammals. However, the level of littering in the Baltic Sea is not sufficiently well known. Several surveys are underway. For example, the WWF has collected information on littering in the Naturewatch Baltic network. The annual reports[1] also provide information on the amounts of litter found on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The variation between countries is significant. Information activities and shore litter clean-up days are needed to reduce littering problems in the sea and on shores.

Objective of the measure:

To prevent adverse effects on the functioning of the marine ecosystem by continuously implementing shore litter clean-up days and information activities on the shores and providing easily accessible information on the Internet.

PROGRESS: underway