Progress of the measures

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Some 70% of the globe is covered by oceans and seas, and marine litter can be found practically everywhere. Marine litter, especially plastics, presents a threat not only to the health of our oceans, seas and coasts, but also to our economies and societies. The majority of marine litter is produced by activities carried out on land. Fishing gear gathers litter, which causes problems for fishermen. In the first phase of the measure, the aim is to examine the possibilities to collect litter caught by fishing gear and to take the waste to ports.

Objective of the measure:

To reduce the effects of litter and ghost nets (fishing nets lost in the ocean or sea, e.g. when tangled in a shipwreck, but still catching fish) in the aquatic environment by offering support to fishermen who collect litter and take it for recycling. The measure was included in the operational programme for fisheries, but no applications were received.

PROGRESS: has not started