The Rural Development Programme (LBU programme) for 2014–2020 includes measures to improve water quality. They aim for a balanced use of nutrients based on the needs of crops:
• The first step is to develop and introduce detailed regulations on agri-environmental measures and investments under the LBU programme, selection criteria for investment aid and project support to minimise loading and reduce emissions.
• A functioning system will be developed to provide targeted guidance, information and training in the agricultural sector so as to allocate resources to those measures that are the most effective in terms of environmental protection.
• A programme, including sampling, will be implemented to monitor the effects of the measures on the environment in cooperation with the Agricultural Office.
• There will be a mid-term review of the LBU programme. Any defects in the programme will be corrected, as far as possible, during the programme period. The mid-term review serves as an important basis for the measures of the next programme period.