According to legislation, individual boat owners must see to it that the wastewater system on board is designed so that sewage can be discharged at marinas, while the marinas are obliged to provide waste reception facilities. The requirements set for the reception facilities vary according to the size of the marina. Not all marinas are required to offer sewage reception facilities for boats. This is why there are currently too few marinas with pump-out facilities in the archipelago. This means that it is difficult for boaters to comply with the legislation in practice. The measure includes an assessment of the need to improve and build new sewage reception facilities – in addition to the existing and statutory ones. The measure must also include a financing plan, a communications plan and (where necessary) a revised inspection plan. The measure can also be implemented in cooperation with the Central Baltic project “Small ports – förbättrad service” on better services provided by marinas and Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry (Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association).