How the measures are targeted to descriptors of the state of marine environment:

Seafloor integrity

Reducing nutrient loading from fish farming Read more
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Reducing nutrient loading from wastewater Read more
Reducing nutrient loading from maritime transport and shipping Read more
Other supplementary measures to reduce nutrient loading included in the Programme of Measures for Groundwater, Lakes and Coastal Waters 2016–2021 Read more
Revision of the legislation on dredging to protect biotopes and species of special value Read more
Smart coastal zone management. Preparation of marine management and spatial plans for selected pilot areas Read more
Location management of fish farming to locate fish farms in marine areas Read more
Climate change adaptation measures to prevent negative effects on waters Read more
Mapping the underwater environment and preparing marine plans Read more
Programmes of measures for threatened species and biotopes Read more
Public information and communication to increase knowledge and awareness of valuable marine species and biotopes and their ecosystem services Read more